Our Community

Grenada Village is a residential suburb situated in the sloping northern hills of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. It lies in a north/westerly position on the eastern side of the Northern Motorway, 2 kms north of Johnsonville, and 12 kms north of the central city.

As of April 2019, there were 636 homes in Grenada Village with a population of approximately 1,800 residents.   Homes are continually being built with the large area of land to the north and west now being developed.

Grenada Village is:

  • only 2 minutes from the Paparangi shops, kindergarten and primary school
  • only 4 minutes from Newlands
  • only 4 minutes to Newlands Intermediate and Newlands College
  • only 4 minutes from Johnsonville
  • only 10 minutes from the centre of Porirua city
  • only 12 minutes from the centre of Wellington city
  • only 12 minutes from central Hutt Valley.

Johnsonville is the main shopping and commercial area of the northern suburbs and includes a large shopping mall and a number of important amenities - supermarkets, accommodation, restaurants, indoor swimming pool, library, churches, railway station, police station, fire station, service clubs, community centre etc.

Newlands is also close and has a number of shops and an excellent New World supermarket.

Housing in the Village comprises of modern, well-maintained homes.  Real estate agents regard the suburb as being a desirable place to live. By lying in its mainly westerly position, the suburb enjoys all day sun and rural views. It is regularly described in advertisements as being 'sun drenched'.

Grenada Village is a quiet suburb and is regarded as providing a good, safe, friendly environment.  It also has good roads, street lighting, footpaths, connecting walkways and street signs

Resident's interests are well covered by a proactive Community Association that promotes all aspects of Grenada Village, and works toward further improving the suburbs amenities and facilities.

Grenada Village Community Association Chairperson Bruce Patterson says, "Grenada Village is a nice area and a good place to live. It is unique and has its own identity. It is modern, clean and tidy, and extremely sunny. It has good facilities. Grenada Village has the desired qualities of a creditable suburb. It has substance. It has good citizens, and good citizenship should be the basis of any community and this is certainly displayed in Grenada Village." 

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