Community Services

The services available to the residents of Grenada Village are regarded as being excellent and quite exceptional with the area having more services and amenities available to its residents than most other suburbs in Wellington of a similar size.

Bus Service

Grenada Village is serviced by Tranzit Tranzurban under Route No. 1.  A full peak, off peak, and weekend service is provided.

A North-South Spine now operates for northern Wellington along a core route right through to Island Bay. All buses from Grenada Village travel first to Newlands, up over Stewart Drive to Johnsonville, then on to Wellington CBD, Newtown (past Wellington Hospital)  and through to Island Bay.  There is no requirement to transfer buses.


With buses from the local branches of Grenada Village, Churton Park and Johnsonville West meeting together in Johnsonville, this forms a high-frequency service every ten minutes between Johnsonville, and Island Bay. 


Buses from Grenada Village run every 20 to 30 minutes during peak times and every 30 minutes during off peak times.  They also run to 11pm during the week and until 11pm on a Saturday’s and Sunday’s. The after midnight service also operates on Saturday and Sunday mornings with buses departing from Courtenay Place 1am, 2am and 3am. The first bus from Grenada Village during peak hours departs at 5.55am. Please refer to either the Metlink website  ( or call 0800-801-700, for timetables and further information.

Most buses servicing Grenada Village are new high capacity double–decker buses (some electric) particularly at peak times, and some are new diesel buses with the lower-emissions. The buses have a distinctive and colourful look – bright lime and yellow.  This makes them stand out so that they can be easily seen to help keep people safe.

A Snapper Card system is available to provide a 25% discount compared to paying cash. If you do need to change buses during your journey, it will not cost you any more than if it were the same journey on one bus, provided you use your Snapper Card to pay (not cash) and catch your connecting bus within the required 30 minute timeframe.  SuperGold Card holders can travel for free during off-peak times.

When new urban growth areas and road connections are developed at Lincolnshire Farms, the bus route options for Grenada Village will be again reviewed but this is not expected for some time.


Grenada Village is well covered by nearby schools with Papaparangi Kindergarten, Paparangi Primary School, Newlands Intermediate and Newlands College.  All of these schools have high ERO ratings and commendations. Newlands College has an excellent reputation for academic achievement and is internationally recognised as being a high quality educational institution. Many of their students attending come from a variety of overseas countries.

The Active Explorers Early Childhood Learning Centre at 1 Aruba Drive (off Grenada Drive) is a purpose built facility providing a child-led environment for children aged 3 months to 5 years.

The Grenada Village Playgroup for all pre-school children living in Grenada Village is held weekly every Thursday morning during the school term between 9.30am and 11.00am at the Grenada Village Community Hall, 4 Mandeville Crescent, next to the children’s play area.  Playgroup is open to any children from newborn to preschool age.  Morning tea is provided for the children (fruit, biscuits, crackers and water) along with tea and coffee for the adults. This is a fun playgroup. There is a good variety of children’s toys and there are many activities during the session like play-dough, drawing, painting, books and music.  A gold coin donation per child is requested to cover the cost of the morning tea. The playgroup has its own Facebook page – Grenada Village Playgroup. Please refer to the facebook page for the playgroup dates. For further information, please telephone Dawn Patterson – 478 4221

Children's Groups

Children's Groups in the area include Keas, Cubs, Scouts, Pippins, Brownies, Guides and Rangers.

Neighbourhood Watch

Grenada Village operates a Neighbourhood Watch/Support structure.  Effective crime prevention has become a joint police and community responsibility and an established network providing information and support is invaluable. 

Community Patrol

The Wellington North Community Patrol has been operating since 2007 and has been extremely successful in their endeavours.  The patrols principally act as 'eyes and ears' for police travelling in pairs in marked community patrol vehicles, observing and reporting on incidents.  They are non-confrontational and are in direct radio contact with the police at all times.  This is about the community taking a little bit of responsibility within their area

Community Association

The Grenada Village Community Association Inc. was established on September 14, 1978.  The Association was formally registered as an Incorporated Society in June 1986.

The Association's prime objective is to provide the residents of the Village with an officially recognised representative body that combines and works with the local authorities and other organisations, for the betterment and overall interest of the Grenada Village community.

One of the specific objectives of the Association is to identify, represent and advocate for the community's interests.

Residents' Associations are very important to the running of the city, because they provide a direct link into the community and are a central point of contact for communication. They contribute and assist in making the overall city a better place for all citizens.

Grenada Village Newsletter

The Grenada Village newsletter ‘Village News’ is produced by the Grenada Village Community Association Inc.  It is published four times per year and is delivered to every home (currently 645) in Grenada Village.   In addition, 55 copies are sent to others who have an interest or involvement with the suburb – local MP’s, Mayor, WCC Chief Executive, WCC Councillors, WCC senior management and specific officers, local schools, Johnsonville Police etc.  It also goes to some past residents who have requested copies be sent to them.  

The subject matter relates directly to Grenada Village and each issue generally covers between eight and twelve topics.  It is quite extensive and not only lets the community know what’s going on in their suburb, it also advises them of situations and matters that they would otherwise possibly not be informed about. It can provide critical information to the wellbeing of the neighbourhood.  

In addition, at times a smaller supplementary issue is published if a particular subject falls outside the normal delivery period but is important enough to require prompt notification.

Links to recent newsletters are available. Read our community news.

Grenada Village Radio Station

We have our own radio station in Grenada Village.

In 2016, a resident expanded his hobby and interest in radio and began broadcasting from his home.  The station is called MixFM (Wellington’s Best Music) and broadcasts 24 hours a day on 87.9 MHz (FM) and can be picked up throughout Grenada Village, Paparangi, Churton Park as well as parts of Johnsonville, Newlands, Woodridge and Glenside.  Apart from broadcasting across the FM airwaves, he also broadcasts online.  You can do this via his website:

MixFM is commercial free so it is all music, mainly contemporary with a blend of pop/rock ranging from the 80’s through to today’s latest hits. The mixture of music provides something for everyone.  He is very happy to mention or discuss on air, events or activities of local groups within the broadcast area to help in promoting their cause. His email address is: